November 1961 saw the arrival of a bouncing baby boy at Tynemouth  Royal Infirmary, the son of a merchant seaman and a Japanese Seamstress. 

The Tender Years

Dave spent most of his younger days at his nanna's house in fact all through his infant and junior school days.  Dave's nanna was a strict disciplinarian but always said things as they were, that is probably why you can count on Dave to be up front with an answer be it good or bad.  

After High School

The year was 1978 what a decision to make, ship building, coal mining or join the forces. Well Dave had already been in a uniform since joining the army cadets in 1975 so it wasn't much of a decision if the truth was to be told.  
All Dave really wanted to be most of his life was a soldier.   So for the next thirteen years that's exactly what he did. 

The best day of my life 

The year 1981, and what Dave describes as the best day in his life, the day he was lucky enough to marry the love of his life Teresa. Dave met Teresa when she was only 15 and they married when she was 16 love at first sight does really happen and they are still devoted to each other to this day.  And to quote Dave " I still fancy Teresa more than ever ". I can't think of a time when she has not been there.

1991 Freedom

The year 1991,  the year that Dave left the Army,  he finished his time as they say at Larkhill in Wiltshire not far from Teresa's home town of Salisbury.  By this time Dave had no family so it made more sense to settle in Salisbury.  Life was not easy adapting to civilian life after 13 years in the army and both Teresa and Dave found it a bit difficult at first but emerged from the tunnel standing up straight.

The Beginning

It was 1992 when Dave started singing most weekends and it wasn't until 1996 when he turned professional. Dave performed around some great names over the years, Foster & Allan, Billy Yates, Dale Watson, Mark Chesnutt and Joni Harms to name a few.  He also met his idol Garth Brooks at his ranch in Oklahoma where they chatted for well over an hour putting the world to rights so to speak.

So where do we stand today the year 2022,  well Dave doesn't stand up on stage as often as he did for some 30 years he only does a limited number of shows nowadays,  so if you do wish to book him you best do it quick as the dates do tend to be filled pretty fast.  Dave has always said that country is not how you sing a song or which songs you sing it's a way of life.   Unfortunately it's also a way of life that is rapidly disappearing and most people have differing opinions as to why, how and what to do, it will never be agreed as to why and who is to blame.  It is what it is and that's that.
It's time for the younger people to have a go and although Dave doesn't always agree on how they do it.  As Dave say's   " he has spent a life time seeing smiles on peoples faces all he wants now is to spend his time seeing the smile on Teresa's face.

Dave say's leave it to the younger people !      Well it so happens that there is a new name floating about the circuit, as they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.      The new name is RJ Montana and just happens to be Dave's son.  The response so far from most people that have heard and seen RJ  Montana all seem to come to the same conclusion  "  it's Dave from 30 years ago ".
Although Dave has never pushed his son in the direction of music  he does seem to have the same voice, the same mannerisms and even looks like his dad from 30 years ago, Dave say's it's spooky watching him on stage it's like looking at myself.  See for yourself on the video page we will include a short video of RJ  so you can see for yourself.