Dave Montana

Back in 1961 when we had hits such as " Crying - Roy Orbison . Take Good Care of My Baby - Bobby Vee . Hit the road Jack - Ray Charles " . November 27th to be precise the vocalist / guitarist Dave Montana was born . Some might say the beauty of Dave Montana is you know what you're going to get - straight ahead country music. But the real beauty of Dave Montana is his innate ability to collide a comfortable feel with fresh & exciting every time he straps on his guitar and steps on the stage.

His music career spans more than 20 years more than most artists on the UK scene and boasts 7 albums sporting a number 2 in the european country music single charts with meanwhile back at the ranch from the album After The Storm.The same album " After The Storm " also gave Dave a number 6 in the european country music single charts with the song Nickerjack. After The Storm also struck silver as a number 6 in the european country music album charts. His name has become synonymous with “real country” since his 1996 debut. He has since released seven albums, including the double album " Same Meat Different Gravy " and at the time of this publication is currently working on album No 8.

Dave Montana and his open honesty " which is not always adventitious " is well respected by his fellow artists and fans for what is known as wearing his heart on his

sleeve and sticking to his guns come what may.

Although Dave Montana does not endorse any products he has been known to be just a tad OCD about some of the products he uses : such as , Takamine Guitars , Dave has owned several over time but now sticks to just the two on stage , both being Takamine GB7C's . In the studio he uses Yamaha guitars to rehearse and just mess around. Dave wears a black Stetson Tyler on stage and has several as walking out hats both here in the Uk and in Oklahoma USA. When he and his wife Teresa are in the USA they can more than often be found at Steppin' Out Western Outfitters 4449 N Interstate 35 Gainsville Texas. Because as he said on more than one occasion it's just a nice place to be when you need some western attire. Over the years Dave became known for the different shirts he wore on stage mainly Mo Betta out of Apache Oklahoma and Wrangler PBR shirts . Wrangler 936 jeans are Dave's preferred leg wear and Justin Foot wear is his favoured boot.


As for broadcasting " TV etc " Dave has appeared on the national lottery in it's early days when it first started , Town Tv local to the wiltshirte area and cable , A one hour special in Australia and numerous broadcasts on " 99.5 The Wolf KPLX " out of Dallas Texas and KKAJ out of Ardmore Oklahoma .The USA side of things having been organised by Steve and Stacy Bashford in the Oklahoma office .

Dave is also very grateful for a very special appearance as front man with the band Texoma in Ashland City Nashville arranged by two very special people in the band " Ken and Barbie Isham "