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Latest news:- 

Contrary to popular belief Dave has not retired due to ill health nor has he moved to the USA, Dave and his wife Teresa still reside in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Teresa's home town.   It is true that Dave has slowed down and does not do as many shows as he used to, but then again after so many years on the road we here at the office think he has earned the right to do so.        If you wish to book Dave then the advice here is do it sooner than later as only so many dates are available during the year. 

Several fan's have asked how the new album is coming along ,  so just to keep fan's up to date the first 5 tracks of possibly 20 on disc one have been completed and recording will carry on until the album is ready for release.  Promotional tracks can be heard from time to time on WCR FM 105.5FM  and  WCR FM on a Sunday 8pm to 10pm and  on  Friday  7pm till 9pm

Dave will be appearing at :

The New Enham Club

15, Newbury Road, Andover, SP11 6HG

8pm - 11pm       

Western Dress Optional

16th October 2021