It goes without saying the last two years have been slightly more than a challenge, but happily the majority of us have managed to make it 
to the other end of the tunnel, now it remains to be seen if the country music scene here in the U.K  can rebuild itself towards even a small 
following that was it's backbone.  Is it time for the younger generation to take that initial first step into a world so rarely visited in the past.

Is it also time for us older fans to except there is more to country music than Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton maybe we should all try to listen 
to the words of a song we never have heard before instead of just pushing it aside because it was not sung by a legend in Country , maybe 
we forget just how some of the names of the past became the legends they are , it all had to start somewhere.

The latest album from Dave is progressing nicely and will be another double album but with a few less tracks than Same Meat Different Gravy as so to keep the cost down .

Dave had a great time at the John Fowler Holiday Village in St Ives recently and asks if people can try to support these events so as to not let the scene drop off the calender's for future dates